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Public Course


25 Day Classic Course

Duration: 25 Days

Age: 18 – 50 Years Old

It is best describe as the classic Outward Bound experience which focuses in character building, leadership and effective team working. Participants from various backgrounds, cultures and experiences are put through real and varied challenges in demanding situations.

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Youth Challenge Course (YCC)

Duration: 10 Days

Age: 18 – 20 Years Old

Mainly catered for Form 5, Form 6 school leavers and pre-university students. An adventure based experiential learning experience to prepare youths for adulthood and working life.

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Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

Duration: 7 Days

Age: 18 – 50 Years Old

An opportunity for leaders or future leaders to polish and enhance their leadership skills in outdoor environment. 

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Pack & Paddle (PnP)

Duration: 5 Days

Age: 13 – 17 Years Old

Basic awareness course to expose children to the outdoors and its educational values. The practical nature of the course would provide opportunities for children to face and overcome various fun filled activities and enjoyable challenges.

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Children Adventure Challenge (CAC)

Duration: 8 Days

Age: 10 – 12 Years Old

An “enjoy-as-you-learn” course designed to enable children to be independent, lead and communicate in a team through adventurous and enjoyable outdoor activities. This course highlights positive attitudes and values and encourages voluntary and active responses.

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Youth Adventure Challenge (YAC)

Duration: 8 Days

Age: 13 – 17 Years Old

Adventure based education for youths which provides opportunities for hand-on learning and experiences. It is designed to enable individuals to discover their true potentials and provide positive people skills and values.

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