Pack ‘N’ Paddle (PNP)

This PnP course is a 5 days basic awareness course to expose children to the outdoors and its educational values.13321689_10153698219308693_5905888059395181463_n The practical nature of the course would provide opportunities for children to face and overcome various fun filled activities and enjoyable challenges which will enable the individuals to discover their true potentials and provide positive people skills and value.


  • To foster awareness of the team spirit, to reinforce commitment to the team’s shared goals and objectives and learn how to cope with 13312845_10153698218793693_9124719146875771388_npressure and acquiring leadership and teamwork under changing, demanding and unfamiliar circumstances.
  • Sharing ideas, resources, problem analysis, problem solving towards achieving common goals.
  • Building a culture of support, risk-taking, and compassion in each challenge.





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