Leadership Development Program

What is “Leadership Development Programme (LDP)”

This 7 days programme is specifically designed to highlight and enhance one’s individual and Team Leadership Skills. Adventurous learning activities are created to provide opportunities to re-evaluate personal strength and weakness. Also to promote self-confidence, self-esteem and positive attitudes. Participants are involved intellectually, emotionally and physically in a series of outdoor activities which is used as a means of achieving common goals and organizational expectations.capture-20160614-142803


Participants would work in groups to encounter challenges in demanding and changing situations. Activities are designed to be within the capability and pace of the individual. Yet, personal satisfaction will strengthen their determination to succeed and peer pressure would compel the individual to be more team oriented, identify weaknesses and strengths and emerge with a different perception of self and the team.

Task and team leadership roles will highlight the planning, decision-making and implementation processes while review and discussion would induce transference and residual values.13263910_10153691353653693_9065233786551436560_n


  • Learning how to cope with pressure and acquiring leadership and teamwork under changing, demanding and unfamiliar circumstances
  • Sharing ideas, resources, problem analysis, problem solving towards achieving common goals
  • Cultivating a strong will and determination to succeed
  • Building a culture of support, risk-taking, and compassion in each challenge

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